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Meet Your Teachers!

They are dedicated to your success!


Sandy Pelski


Sandy "Giggles" Pelski is a graduate of Toby's very first clown class in 1993.  As she celebrates her 30th year of clowning she has never taken a break.  Not only has she performed with her late husband "Big Al" Pelski all over the county for those 30 years but she took over leading the clown school after his passing.


Darrell Jingst

 "String Bean" 

"String Bean" is a past president and a large part of the acquisition of some of the most unusual clown memorabilia in the museum. From the production of brochures and manuals to teaching balloons and caring clowns; he is a dynamo!  When he pops in to teach caring clowns and balloon twisting you will be amazed and inspired!


Heather McFall


Supercute graduated in 2014 and has been assisting with clown school ever since.  Her loyalty brings her back to Toby's no matter how far she moves away.  She comes from a theater and magic background and blends those experiences with her clowning to teach a full range of performance tips.


McQueen Small


Raggles originally was brought into Toby's Clown school by her mom "Taggles".  They performed for years as a mirror image duo in comedy walk around and entertainment.  Raggles is a fantastic teacher and inspiration! Little secret... she also does our taxes sssshhhhh


Deb Ratajezak

"Boo Boo"

Experienced, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways you can describe "Boo Boo" has a vast wealth of knowledge and skill from teaching and library clowning with her late husband "Homer".  She draws from her teaching experience to make a clown show funny, entertaining with structure. She is quick to step up whenever anything is needed.


Debbie von Arx

"Silly Dilly"

Silly Dilly stepped in and revitalized Toby's Clown Foundation just a couple years ago.  As president she presents the graduates with their certificates but much like a duck you hardly see the rapid paddling going on under that cool collected smile.


Joan Burrell


"Chicka-dee" has been a clown school staple at Toby's for many years.  She is a gentle teacher and real inspiration.  If you are bashful Chicka-dee can make those first clown steps seem easy and welcoming.


Larry Smith


Experienced, trustworthy, fun and full of clown stories that will keep you rolling.  Snuffy is most known for getting us going on the parade float and for leading our morning clown prayer.


Claudia Nilson


"Paisley" is a guest teacher who volunteers her time and resources flying in all the way from Washington state!  She brings us puppetry, bubbles and puppet creation!  Her background in theatrical puppets is amazing!  We are honored every time she graces us with her time.


Esther Lane


"Loopy Lane"

"Loopy" has been a Toby's clown for decades.  She is skilled in all facets of clowning and is the living example of "packing small and playing big".  She is most known for her props, multitude of costumes and hospice clowning.  She will teach you the different characters you can become as a clown!

"Matty McFun" 

Matthew Spraggins

"Matty" is a visiting teacher from Dallas, Texas to assist at Toby's Clown School.  He has been a full time clown for children's parties, schools and churches since 2014.  He is a repeat competition winner and All Around Clown winner several times at many national organizations.  He teaches magic for Toby's new students.


Lavern Fox


In loving memory of our dear friend, wonderful clown and face painting teacher.  We will miss Fluffy every day, she brought love, song and laughter wherever she went.


Keith Stokes


In honor of the man who willed this school and foundation into being.  Toby, you will forever be missed!  Help us to keep his dream alive.  Be a clown!


Al Pelski

"Big Al"

In loving memory of the man who Toby gave credit to making his vision come alive; Big Al filled these walls with love and sincere dedication.  Help us to keep his memory alive... Be a clown!

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