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Meet The Foundation Board

Make Your Mark and Join The Alley

Board Members:

President           Debbie "Silly Dilly" von Arx

                           1st Vice Pres      Chris "Krikitt" Gribenas

                            2nd Vice Pres     Darrel "String Bean" Jingst

                            Secretary            Sandy "Giggles" Pelski

                            Treasurer            Lynn "Raggles" Small

                             Director              Brenda "Bubbles" Nickerson

                             Director              Timmy "Munchie" Bunton

                             Director               Larry "Snuffy" Smith

                             Director               Sandi "Rosebud" Christie

                             Director               Esther "Loopy Lane" Lane

                             Director               Dana "Stretch" Van Slycke

                             Trustee                Joan "Flutter-Bye" Powers

                             Trustee                Deborah "Boo Boo" Ratajczak



Volunteer Your Time

Help Us Soar

Toby's has many opportunities for graduates, volunteers and fans to take part!  There are parades, festivals, annual rummage sale, event parking and school set up.  Call to find out what's coming up!

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